Magic Press - Halloween: Creepy Little Ghost (Press on nails)

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  • Nails for the Halloween party!
  • Internationally patented one-second press on gel nails.
  • High-gloss gel nails.
  • Snug fit design.
  • Soft material for complete contact with the surface.
  • Strong adherence.
  • Safe for pregnant women.
  • Includes:
    - 30 nails in 12 sizes.
    - Prep pad.
    - User manual.
    - Mini nail file.
    - Mini wood stick.
  • Directions
    • How to wear:
    1. Remove cuticle and wipe away moisture/oil on your nail with included prep pad.
    2. Select a gel nail slightly smaller than your nail.
    3. Peel off the film on the back, and place the gel nail starting from the cuticle side.
    4. Press down the gel nail for 3 seconds and then from the inside to the outside.
    5. File the gel nail edge if necessary.
      How to wear
    • How to remove:
    1. Soak the included wood stick in nail polish remover.
    2. Get the wood stick under the gal nail edge.
    3. Gently pry the gel nail off.
    4. Apply cuticle oil or serum if necessary.
      How to removeHow to remove


  • Tips
    - First, wash your hands with soap and dry them completely.
    - To protect your nails, apply Damage Relief before wearing the nails.
    - The gel nails may be shaped using a nail clipper, a nail file, or scissors.
    - The film tip should face inward.
    Film tip should face the cuticle side.
  • Use within 24 months from the date of manufacture and 12 months from opening.
  • Keep it sealed and avoid direct sunlight to maintain adhesive strength.
  • Caution
    - For one-time use only.
    - Don't wear it for longer than 7 days.
    - Don't let water or foreign objects get under the gel nail.